Hi, I’m ……, Professional Dog Trainer And Behaviorist

I am providing dog training from years and want you to learn it too. I pride to give you SPCA endorsed dog training tips and techniques that are simple and easy to learn for everyone. I know many people have issues about having dog training online but believe me, my videos are highly interactive and I show everything LIVE over a video. My detailed videos will provide you essential information required to train your dog effortlessly. Now, you can improve your dog behavior and keep healthy right from the comfort of your own home.

I update the videos on regular basis so that pet owners can learn all the necessary information right here at this website.

My SPCA endorsed method can help you solve these common problems and much more…


  • Reduce the aggressive behavior of your dog to both people and other dogs.
  • Eliminate the sense of nervous and sacredness from your dog.
  • Normalize hyperactivity which is too dangerous for dogs.
  • Reduce unnecessary or extreme barking which is common to see among many dogs.
  • Eliminate the disobedience nature of dog and enjoy its much organized personality.
  • Go fearless if you are troubled with chewing, stealing and mouthing like problems.
  • Improve unpredictable behavior and toileting at wrong place.



What is The Online Dog Trainer?

By the force of interactive videos, I will be your dedicated online dog trainer to provide over 15 hours of consultancy along with 150 videos. Obviously, it is too hard for me to visit each and every home to deliver this information and that is why I chose the medium of videos for the pet lovers like you.
I update the videos on regular basis so that pet owners can learn all the necessary information right here at this website.




Why my SPCA endorsed dog training yield better results?

Internet is flooded with dog training ebooks and books but do you really think that manipulating a dog is possible without having visuals. Here comes the great advantage of my online dog training website and my over 150 skillfully compiled videos can solve all your dog problems instantly. These videos are created on real dog and you can easily see


  • The right body language I use to manipulate dogs
  • Changing tunes of voice to guide a dog
  • The change in dog’s behavior LIVE


Video is the perfect way to learn how to train your dog.


It is crucial to know what actually that is ticking your dog to behave unnatural, aggressive, out of control etc. I am here to teach you the precise way of dog’s perception to see world and its people.
In my special video based training module, you will learn a unique language of dog. Afterwards, you can understand the communication channel that dogs follow and thus can attain complete control over it. You will enjoy an amazing bond after learning that special language and that you can explore right here at this website!



Then I’ll teach you how to be the Leader of the Pack.

Here is your chance to learn 5 top notch secrets to become a Pack Leader in the dog eyes.

  • I will show you how to become a hero in dog’s eyes while being a Pack Leader
  • You will learn why your dog is selective to certain foods. In short, you can learn the dog psychology of picking foods.
  • You will learn the right way to feed your dog to make it more healthy
  • Fix all the behavior problems you are facing right in the first section of my videos.
  • Win the mind of your dog before control its body
  • Watch drastic changes in the behavior of dog and effective results in short time.


Step 1

Audio Library Doggy Dan’s Online Dog Training – Understand Your Puppy Part 1
In this bonus, you will get complete interview in which I have discussed numerous crucial issues related to dogs. This interview is a must watch for almost every dog owner. Just flip the DVD into your car or anywhere and listen to lessons whenever you want.
Full Bonus Value: $39, Free to you (after 3 days trial)

Step 2

Doggy Dan’s Puppy Talk Series 1 – “7 Amazing Secrets For Puppy Training”
Understand the communication channel of your puppy or dog and find out what it actually means. Just listen to all these secrets and experience a drastic change in your dog behavior within minutes.
Full Bonus Value: $29, Free to you (after 3 days trial)

Step 3

Dog Talk Series by Doggy Dan – “9 Unique Vocal Commands”
Take your online dog training to next level by listening to these 9 unique but extremely effective advanced commands. Now, you can amaze anyone around by exhibiting a great mastery over your pet. These commands are also utilized by many Hollywood professionals to make their dogs into incredible star performers.
Full Bonus Value: $29, Free to you (after 3 days trial)


The Online Dog Trainer will work for your dog – 100% guaranteed.

guaranteeMy Personal Guarantee:

I’m so certain that what I am going to teach you will work for your dog or puppy that I am giving you full access for just $1 to check it out.
For a full 72 hour period after you sign up you can check out the entire site – nothing is hidden from you, nothing is drip fed… it’s all there. You can review the entire program for just $1 (for processing), and you have 3 days to make up your mind whether you wish to stay on and join the monthly membership to make full use of the site, or cancel your subscription and I’ll say goodbye, no strings attached. I’ve removed all the risk by letting you Try Before You Buy.
So why not give me a go? If you like what I teach you, it’ll be the best investment you’ll ever make. If not, it will only cost you $1.
Now there’s nothing standing in the way of having the happy, obedient dog you’ve always dreamed of.


I understand that the $1 processing fee will give me 3-Days (72 hours) of instant access to the entire Online Dog Trainer membership site.

I know that after the 3-Day trial I will be charged $37 for the initial month and later rebilled $37 per month for as long as I remain a member.

I am fully aware that all prices are in US Dollars.

I understand that I can cancel my subscription at any time (Read the FAQs below to find out how to cancel).

I understand that I will only get access to the Bonuses and the Forum after the 3-Day Trial when I become a full paying member.


Frequently Asked Questions

Click on the Questions to get the Answers

Q: What is The Online Dog Trainer?

A: The Online Dog Trainer is actually a membership based website packed with over 150 videos. You can access world’s best tips and techniques to dominate your puppy and dog.

Q: Who is this for?

A: This website is for all kinds of dog owners with various breeds. Raise your puppy or dog and train to control their behavior.

Q: What is inside The Online Dog Trainer?

A: After becoming a member, you will have access to over 150 video based lessons focused on dog training. From general health to manipulating dog’s behavior, almost everything is available inside. If you are facing complex doggy problems, you must go inside to get rid of all your dog related problems. Attractive bonuses and unique forum access is available inside.

Q: Why was The Online Dog Trainer Made?

A: If you are new dog owner, already have one, want to control the behavior of dog, want better health and performance of dog, feeling lonely in spite of dog, fed up of utilizing all the techniques to control your dog’s behavior but to no worth then this website can help you amazingly. All the methods available in this video based dog training can help in making your bond with dog stronger and leads to happier pet life.

Q: Will I solve my dog problem behavior in a very fast time without any effort?

A: To be frank No! You need to do little efforts, follow the strategies for short time. There is nothing like a magic for training a dog but these videos can do great wonders if you put some energy and time to execute!
Join the crew of successful clients but make sure to have a look at all the reviews to get a clear insight of impact that videos gain across the globe.
You can also choose 3 Day Trial of Online Dog Training for just $1 before investing your hard earned money!


What sort of feedback have I got about the material inside?

Here are just some of the feedback responses I get on a daily basis:

I wish I could express with words how wonderful your training videos have been for me. The closest I got before finding this website to understanding the dog’s nature, and some ideal ways to take care of my dog was from watching the USA TV show with Cesar Milan “Dog Whisperer.” I find much more practical benefit from your step by step website here.
Forum Member,
Chopper is no longer King of the Castle… Our little boy may look cute enough but with dominance issues we were at a loss as to what to do. With growling, aggressive behaviour & selective hearing we soon discovered our instinctual approach to simply dominate back didn’t work. At a loss & not wanting to give up on our new bundle of joy we started using Doggy Dan’s Online Dog Trainer method. We soon learnt a completely different approach which definitely made a lot of sense.
Aidan , NZ
Thank you so much!! I do appreciate your info re the training site – this is exactly why I keep the membership – even if I go back and watch and pickup something. I used the greeting guests videos from the site at the holidays and actually picked up something that I totally missed the first round of watching.
Susan Rodhe , USA
We nearly lost hope in Molly til we saw your website!!!. Hi, I just want to express my sincere thanks for your advice and support on your website. My fiancé and myself have recently moved to nz from the uk to begin our new life in ohope. With the beach and amazing walks. We got a staffy cross puppy and was over the moon with her.
Jon Stanhope , NZ
We nearly lost hope in Molly til we saw your website!!!. Hi, I just want to express my sincere thanks for your advice and support on your website. My fiancé and myself have recently moved to nz from the uk to begin our new life in ohope. With the beach and amazing walks so close by getting a dog made perfect sense. We got a staffy cross puppy and was over the moon with her. Around the same time we got a call from the uk saying my mum had passed away.
Jon Stanhope , NZ